Organizational Philosophy

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I have been playing with ideas for educational healing organizations that do not have typical bureaucracies. Similar ideas are currently blowing in the winds of change in the healing world!

The organizations are just clubs providing guidance for education and standards.

It’s a revolutionary concept that still needs refinement. I am prototyping a magazine article here.

For me this whole concept evolved out of the process of organizing a class at Pacific Rim College in Victoria here to teach my own healing modality. Right after the class I created a website and the process has been evolving ever since. In this Facebook post I’m welcoming ideas and refinements?

It’s a general concept that can benefit many healing modalities by helping them to evolve and improve rapidly instead of becoming entrenched and rigid.

In my own experimental healing bodywork I need the work to grow organically without me being in charge. I have created a new bodywork modality over a period of about 10 years and now I need it to grow on its own based on members of an organization which is not owned by anyone.

Here is the prototype concept …

The Bodywork Organization would:

1/ Set standards for Certified Practitioners.

2/ Issue Practitioner Certification.

3/ Encourage education in the techniques of Bodywork.

4/ Encourage evolution of this healing bodywork technique to keep it from becoming stagnant.

5/ Help Certified Practitioners to create classes.

6/ Create and provide for free educational material using google docs and free websites.

7/ List all Certified Practitioners on a website.

8/ It would operate without a budget, but instead would depend on volunteer work. But the volunteer work would profit the practitioners and educators directly, eliminating the need for money within the organization. It would be a tax exempt NPO, benefiting everyone in the community.

9/ Healing services would be available on a sliding scale according to income. Prices would not be regulated by the organization.

10/ The organization evolves and is not fixed in its ways. It is always open to embracing any new creative direction or technique that people create and the group observes to be useful.

Evolution Acceleration:
By operating as an NPO all educational events and classes are run by individual members or groups of members.

The profits of education go directly to the educators. The profits from healing by practitioners go directly to practitioners.

The organization benefits both educators and practitioners through cooperative agreements.

I’m trying in reality to create a very inexpensive organization that results in inexpensive classes and yet provides standards and proper certification without the existence of an elaborate organization.

You can see that the sample certificate below comes from the organization and not from me. The club simply agrees to issue them by agreement that the member has fulfilled the requirements. Kinaesthetic testing is key.

Embracing Evolution
The concept I believe is revolutionary in its simplicity. There is no corporate structure at all. It’s simply a club based on improving therapeutic techniques. The organization is always open to embracing any new creative direction or technique that the group observes to be useful.

This is just an idea that I am opening up for discussion …

Source of Inspiration: Class at Pacific Rim College Feb 29, 2020