Harmonic Resonance Bodywork Class

Feb 29-March 1 2020

Location: Pacific Rim College

Victoria BC Canada

Harmonic Resonance is a gentle bodywork that uses harmonic rocking. It’s received dressed in yoga clothes and is based on the work of Dr. Milton Trager MD combined with Sufi healing and Chakra energy balancing. 

It’s effects go deep emotionally while the patient remains fully clothed. It offers loving touch that is especially effective for recovering from abuse trauma as well as for recovering from physical trauma and injury. It often restores balanced walking after surgery. Back injury pain can often be alleviated. 

Self help exercises are offered to clients to help with both emotional and physical recovery.

Some bodywork experience is expected. A weekend introductory massage class would be the minimum.  The skills taught in the class will allow most students to deliver enjoyable healing sessions for friends and family. Certified bodyworkers will find Harmonic Resonance easy to learn and a great tool to add to their existing skills.

The skills can be refined by supervised practice or tutorials in the weeks or months following the class. A certification process is being created.

Experienced bodyworkers will find this class useful, offering new and effective techniques to speed recovery and provide safe feeling methods for working with clients suffering from trauma.

The class will be held at Pacific Rim College in a classroom with several massage tables. The college is located in downtown Victoria next to Green Cuisine Vegan Restaurant. Many other restaurants are within a block or two. 

The class will be Feb 29-March 1, 2020. 

Please respond to show your interest in the class ideally before Feb 15, 2020.


Class Schedule and Cost

It will be 3 hours each morning and 3 hours each afternoon for two days.

For 12 hours of instruction in total the cost will be $300.

Saturday Morning

-Demo and practice on the front of body with guidance.

-Self Help Exercise Instruction.

Saturday Afternoon 

-Betty Martin’s hand training exercise to improve tactile sensitivity.

-Practice on the front of body with guidance.

Sunday Morning

-Morning demo and practice on the back of body with my guidance.

-Self Help Exercise Instruction

Sunday Afternoon 

-Betty Martin’s hand training exercise to improve tactile sensitivity.

-A full trade of bodywork, front and back, with guidance.

Supplied Information

Each of you will be supplied with a memory stick showing videos of the moves, verbal descriptions of the moves and the recommended music for sessions.

Preparation for Class

Betty Martin designed this exercise … It is magic in effect. I recommend doing this exercise daily in the weeks before the class. I have talked with her and she gives permission for me to share them.

I would recommend doing this exercise for 5 minutes a day. It will bring great pleasure and skill.
For doing healing work this exercise builds neutral connections to the hands to enhance touch:
Please practice this exercise daily in the weeks before class!

This description may change slightly if more material is added between now and the class.

Client Reviews

Laurie Penelope Hagan

I see Ian regularly for Harmonic Resonance Bodywork sessions. They are soothing, relaxing, aligning & Rejuvenating. I like being fully clothed while receiving the treatment & the heated table is nice!

Ian’s work is always respectful, gentle and satisfying. I will always go back!

***** ***** *****

Laura Kaye Moore

Ian’s technique of combining Trager work ‘rocking’ with massage has been deeply relaxing, and induces a rejuvenating euphoria that leaves me feeling centered and in touch with my authentic self. Thanks Ian, for your loving care and respectful attention!

***** ***** *****

Pat Nichols

” This is a public note of thanks to Ian and a recommendation for everyone to read. I have had a swollen, inflamed & arthritic knee which has been acting up for over a year now. It doesn’t like to be straightened, nor pressure on it, nor being stressed or bent in any way. The daily pain makes me tired & tense. So I went to Ian for his special kind of massage. He offered me his unique mud pack treatment for my knee & an electric pulse treatment that he developed which I couldn’t feel but he knows that it’s working quietly on another level. Ian spent quite a bit of time with me. I could finally relax and let Ian “do his thing”. And I love the spiritual consciousness and prayers that he brings to his practice. My knee was so much better afterwards, I was really happy I had gone to him. This kind man just wants to help & heal people! What a concept! lol… Thank you Ian for offering to help, for your kind heart, your skillset developed over many years and for all your special additional treatments which are unique to you. I am very grateful for your commitment to the common good and to me as a small piece of that. Namaste”.

***** ***** *****

Marec Marcus

“Thank You Very Much Ian 🙏 for your loving kindness and your wonderful treatment that I greatly appreciate and cherish.
You are truly a profound healer having masterfully held sacred space with deep sensitivity and wisdom 💜
Thank You Ian for all and any helpful feedback , tips , advice , referrals and reference that you may share with me.
I will most certainly be happy to refer your services to the “Victoria Brain Injury Society” and any other potential clients that I may see fit
Blessings on your day. You have given me The Greatest Gift that is humanly possible 💜❤️💗♥️”

Local Client Shannon

“From the moment I met Ian I was treated with respect and a warm welcome. He was very good at explaining his process and helped alleviate my nerves by assuring me I could notify him at ANY TIME, during the session if I needed to stop for any reason. Ian is a good listener and asks many questions to begin with while taking time to not make any part of the process feel rushed. I felt very cared for and comfortable in his care for this delicate work and would recommend him for anyone wanting to explore this healing modality.

***** ***** *****

Reference Letter for class from Dr. Clay Campbell DC
I would like to recommend Ian Faulkner Soutar’s synergistic abilities in his creation of the Harmonic Resonance system. I have been a witness to its development and can attest, as a client that he has been able to achieve an outcome that I have not experienced with any other practitioner method. I can honestly say that you may experience a feeling of ‘ease’ in your body’s movements more reminiscent of one’s youth.

As a former practicing Chiropractor, I believe that there is a role for such an intervention in the health of individuals.

I also commend Ian for passing on his discovery to a new generation of practitioners. I find it very difficult to think of any contraindications or even common non-indications.

He would perform very well in the art of teaching to new students.

Sincerely yours,

Clayton J Campbell, B.Sc.,D.C.