Training and Certification

The Training Process

Training in Harmonic Resonance Bodywork is available in Victoria BC Canada. Introductory classes are offered several times per year at Pacific Rim College campus in downtown Victoria.

All videos and instructional material will be a free download.

Videos and pictures cannot teach a bodywork skill because it’s a kinaesthetic skill involving touch and tactile sensation. Pictures and videos however can simplify the teaching by clarifying hand positions and movement speeds.

Classes and certification will be a sliding scale to make them affordable.

Harmonic Resonance Bodywork Organization™

The Training/Certification/Standards organization is called “The Harmonic Resonance Bodywork Organization™“. It is based on love and unity within its membership rather than the traditional hierarchical bureaucracy. Members work together to create Certification and Education. The actual organization does not handle money, and thus does not need to be registered with Revenue Canada. It is an unregistered NPO or Non Profit Organization.

This is a revolutionary model for bodywork associations, based on the book “The Healing Organization”.

Below is the discussion of a certification process that is open to discussion within the NPO called “The Harmonic Resonance Bodywork Organization.”

The training process will lead to the certificate:

Process & Cost for Certification

1/ Introductory Classes are offered for $350 to $500 sliding scale according to income. A free class is offered to one student whenever there is a need to balance numbers. The classes offer 12 hours of hands-on instruction. An instuction manual is given out showing hand positions graphically in photographs. Videos of full sessions are available on USB memory sticks.

Self help exercises are also taught.

2/ Students are then expected to do 20 bodywork sessions with feedback sheets filled out by clients.

3/ After completing 20 sessions the student comes to visit a “Harmonic Resonance Tutor” who reviews the sheets and observes the student as they do a full session with a client they bring with them. Some tutorials can be carried out by working directly on the tutor.

Testing will also include a demonstration of the self help exercises.

The cost of Tutorials is $100-$120. At the end of this Tutorial the student will receive a review of their sessions and will also receive suggested changes to improve the effectiveness.

4/ It is estimated that the student will have to do another 60 sessions and receive another 3 tutorials. This will bring the total number of sessions to 4 times 20 or 80 sessions.  The time spent doing tutorials and other learning work will accumulate about 100 hours of experience.

5/ The fifth tutorial will be an evaluation of the work of the student by doing a full session with the Tutor. It will including demonstrating the self help exercises.

A certificate will be issued if the student shows reasonable proficiency in the work.

6/ The approximate cost for the full learning process leading to certification will based on:

Initial Class $350-$500

5 Tutorials at $100-120 each = $500-$600

Total cost will be $850-$1100 approximatly.

However it should be noted that some students may become proficient in the work after only two or three tutorials, lowering the cost by several hundred dollars.