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What is It ?

July 10, 2020 version

Movement Medicine for Embodiment & Healing.

Harmonic Resonance Bodywork is a gentle healing modality that uses harmonic rocking of the body in tune with the body’s own resonant or natural frequencies. It triggers a deep, sometimes ecstatic relaxation  state that speeds healing. Many say it goes deeper than most massage. It’s received dressed in yoga clothes.

Based on the work of Dr. Milton Trager MD combined with Sufi healing and Chakra energy balancing. 

It’s effects go deep emotionally while the client remains fully clothed.

The bodywork offers loving touch that is especially effective for recovering from abuse trauma where loving touch can heal the injury caused by unloving touch. 

Harmonic Resonance is very effective for speeding recovery from physical trauma and injury. It often restores balanced walking after surgery. Back injury pain can often be alleviated. 

Self help exercises are offered to clients to help with both emotional and physical recovery.

Harmonic Resonance healing is “movement medicine”, a heart centered, pain free therapy.  It is a blend of the gentle rocking movement therapy of Dr. Milton Trager, Massage, Sufi Healing methods and Chakra balancing.

It’s a wholistic bodywork, invented in Victoria since 2000. You are fully clothed in flexible clothing such as yoga clothes or soft pants and top. An optional massage blended version is available too.

Ian Faulkner Soutar, Harmonic Resonance

Harmonic Resonance Bodywork Classes offered in 2020. See below for details.

Session Prices

Free introductory 20 minute initial sessions are available to new clients.

Full one hour introductory bodywork session received wearing yoga clothes for $65. Normally $75-$100 Sliding Scale. (Please be sure to wear flexible clothes and not bluejeans.)

Massage Blended Harmonic Resonance sessions are available on request.  Hot organic coconut oil is used. The price is $90-120 sliding scale for a 75 minute session.

Classes in Harmonic Resonance Bodywork offered in 2021.

For further information please email bodyworksvictoria@gmail.com

Harmonic Resonance Classes

Classes happen several times a year. The next class is October 17-19 at Hemma Yoga and Accupuncture 1274 May St. (corner of Moss and May St)
Victoria, B.C. V8V 2T2

Classes October 17-18 will cover the basic Harmonic Resonance Bodywork techniques and the class on October 19 is an optional class on integrating the work with massage.

The textbooks are open source and free on this site. You cannot learn the technique just from the textbooks but they help people who are learning by showing exact hand positions.

Cost for classes is shown below. You need to take the first two days before the third day.

Oct. 17-18 $400 Oct. 19 $100

To Register for the class email Ian Soutar at … bodyworksvictoria@gmail.com

Harmonic Resonance Organization

The Harmonic Resonance Bodywork Organization™ is in charge of Education, Certification and Standards. This organization is an unregistered Non Profit Organization which does not handle money.

It is an organization based on Love and Unity rather than a heirarchical business model. All members have equal status and are responsible through democratic processes for defining Education, Certification and Standards. The certification process is discussed in the certification section of the website. Operation is based on the “Organizational Philosophy” which is in the menu of this website. The philosophy is based on the book “The Healing Organization”. 

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This website is intended also to be an example describing the best techniques to teach and transmit bodywork skills accurately and at a low cost to students.  This is key to allowing healing techniques to spread organically through open source principles.

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